30-Second Car Tips

The following videos are part of the 30-second car tips series where Chance Brown and Jim Davidson provide helpful car tips in 30 seconds or less.

By Law You Can Ask for Your Used Parts: FixCarNow 30-Sec Car Tip, West Los Angeles Car Repair

Avoid Paying for False Engine Codes: FixCarNow 30-Sec Car Tip, Auto Repair West Los Angeles

When is an Oil Change Vital: FixCarNow 30-Sec Car Tip, Auto Repair West Los Angeles, Chance Brown

Inspect Your Own Brake Pads Before Paying for Repairs: FixCarNow 30-Sec Car Tip, Jim Davidson

2 Engine Lights You Can Never Ignore: FixCarNow 30-Sec Car Tip, Auto Repair Los Angeles

Don’t Get Scammed by False Car Repairs: 30-Sec Car Tip by FixCarNow

When is it time for a Tune up? FixCarNow 30-Sec Car Tip: Tune ups Los Angeles

Service Questions Answered

Chance and Jimmy discuss some of the most frequent questions and considerations when selected an auto repair shop. You must watch before selecting your auto repair service shop.

Tune Up Los Angeles – Fixcarnow

Oil Change Los Angeles

Brake Repair Los Angeles

Timing Belt Repair – Fixcarnow

Fluid Flushes – Fixcarnow

Auto Body Repair Los Angeles

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