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The professionals at Fixcarnow in Los Angeles are on hand to help you with any auto repair or auto maintenance needs you have. If you live and/or work in the Los Angeles area, we are the auto repair shop you need to contact if you are are in need of a tuneup or any other services. You’ll quickly see why our customers love and trust our prices, reputation, and top-quality service. At Fixcarnow our ASE-certified technicians know the importance of a tuneup and will explain this to you in a way you will understand. Tuneups are one of the most important maintenance jobs you can have performed on your car and if always performed according to schedule, will literally adds years to the life of your engine.

The first step in a tune up is to replace the fuel filter. If you have a fuel-injection system, regular cleaning isn’t necessary unless the injectors are clogged. The next step is to change the spark plugs, unless your vehicle uses platinum spark plugs, in which case you have another 30,000 miles left. Next we will examine the spark plug wires and replace them if necessary. If they are permanently attached to the distributor cap, we will replace it and the rotor if your car has them, as some newer models with distributor-less ignitions do not have either of these parts. The next step is to change the points and condenser if you drive a car from before 1978 that doesn’t have electronic ignition. It’s important to have your points changed or adjusted every six months.

Next we will check the ignition timing and adjust as needed. Then we will adjust the valves as needed, unless your car has hydraulic valves. We will replace the valve-cover gasket if needed, especially if we find evidence of oil on top of your engine.

We will check the condition of your belts and hoses and will talk to you about replacing them if worn. We will also check and fill all the fluids under the hood including battery, power steering, brake, transmission and window wiper fluid. If it’s been more than 3,000 miles since your last oil change, we will change the oil and oil filter. Next we will replace the air filter, which should be changed between maintenance services approximately every 15,000 miles. We will adjust the clutch if you have a manual transmission. Last, we will replace the PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) valve.

Tune UpsAll of these steps will help extend the life of your engine by addressing many small parts of your vehicle. It is important you keep up with your maintenance schedule and have your tuneups performed as you should. We are on hand to help you. Fixcarnow is well known in the greater Los Angeles area as well as the surrounding cities for all the wonderful conveniences we offer including free shuttle service, free loaner cars, free brake checks, same day service and two year warranties. Stop by and see us today!

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