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If you haven’t been keeping up with your regular vehicle maintenance schedules as you should and you live or work in the Culver City area, give the experts at Fixcarnow a call. Chances are you’re overdue for an oil change at the least, and quite possibly a tuneup. We are happy to help you with these, and all other repair and maintenance services.

Symptoms that you’re overdue for a tuneup include difficulty starting your engine. This is generally attributed to unperformed maintenance and is one of the most common car issues. While it can be indicative of an issue with the starting senor, choke mechanism or other computer or electronic component, it is often a quick and easy fix.

Perhaps you’re hearing a ‘knocking’ noise in your engine. This can happen when the car is carrying too much of a load or traveling uphill. Often the issue is the use of poor gas, but is signaling that your engine may be in need of a tune up.

Are you getting less than ideal gas mileage? By regularly checking gas mileage (and you should!) you will know when your engine is losing efficiency. Poor gas mileage can be attributed to under-inflated tires, misaligned wheels or transmission issues.

Engine stall is a strong sign that your vehicle is in need of a tuneup. This is often caused by incorrect idle speed adjustments, a malfunctioning sensor or switch, dirty fuel system parts or worn spark plugs.

Another sign that a tune up is in order is called ‘after-run.’ This is when the engine keeps running and coughing after the ignition has been cut. Excessive idle speed and the habitual use of poor gas may be the cause.

Are you smelling an odor similar to rotten eggs? The smell of rotten eggs may be coming from the catalytic converter, part of your car’s emissions control system. This can be caused by an engine problem or it can be a sign your car’s catalytic converter is malfunctioning.

Is your car idling roughly? An issue with the fuel or ignition system can cause an engine to run rough. It also can be due to an internal engine condition such as a malfunctioning valve or piston.

Fix Car Now TrioThe ASE-certified mechanics at Fixcarnow are experts in automotive repair. Fixcarnow has been operating in the greater Los Angeles area for over two decades. We provide pick up and drop off services for your car, and offer loaner and shuttle services while we are working on your car. Whether you are in need of simple vehicle maintenance or more complex repair, stop by one of our Culver City locations and see why our customers trust us and return to see us again and again.

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