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Fixcarnow has been operating in the greater Los Angeles area for more than twenty years. Our customers in Century City know us for our honesty, convenience of location and affordable maintenance and repair services. If your car is in need of a tune up, call or stop by today and see why our Yelp and Google ratings are so high.

The tune up has become more complicated now that car computers have taken over many engine settings. Today’s car repair requires a mechanic who is professionally trained and ASE – certified. The days of amateurs tinkering and adjusting different engine parts have passed as car engines have grown more complex and computerized.

The basic tune up is still quite important, and having these key maintenance tasks routinely performed will go a long way toward keeping your engine in top condition. It has been said that regularly changing filters is one of the best ways to extend your engine’s life. A tune up can include the replacement of the oil filter, air filter, PCV breather filter, fuel filter and automatic transmission filter. Oil filters should be changed every 3000 – 5000 miles when engine oil is replaced. The air filter has the important job of protecting the carburetor and fuel injector from dirt and should be changed every 20,000 miles. The PCV breather filter should be replaced annually or every 30,000 miles to allow the PCV to siphon away gases and moisture created by engine combustion. The fuel filter keeps dirt and debris from entering the fuel system, which in turn will help your gas mileage. It should be replaced annually or every 30,000 miles. The automatic transmission filter should be changed every 12,000 – 15,000 miles as it transmits energy, and cools and lubricates the transmission.

Replacing the spark plugs is another important part of a vehicle tune up. Spark plugs are great indicators of the ‘health’ of your vehicle’s engine. They should be removed and checked every 30,000 miles even if your car’s manufacturer suggests a longer time between changes. Replacing spark plugs before a failure has the potential to save you a lot of money in unnecessary and expensive engine repair.

Fix Car Now OfficeKeeping up to date with your vehicle’s maintenance is the best way to extend the life of your engine. The ASE certified mechanics at Fixcarnow in Century City are expertly trained to properly service your engine, replace filters and check and replace spark plugs. You can do your part to extend the life of your engine by keeping your engine clean and bringing your vehicle regularly to us for tuneups. Contact us today, and see why we are Century City’s favorite automobile repair shop.

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