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Tune ups are part of the regular maintenance your auto will need to function effectively. Having regular tune ups is important in maintaining the electrical and fuel systems in your car. This important service will extend the life of your engine and help your car achieve top performance. Tune ups help keep your engine and fuel system clean, which will go a long way toward helping your car achieve better gas mileage.

The specialists at Fixcarnow in West Los Angeles recommend you become familiar with when your vehicle should be brought to us for this important service. Generally tune ups are recommended every 35,000 to 65,000 miles or every two years, depending upon driving conditions. Signs that a tune up is needed include stalling, rough or choking engine, service engine light and complete engine shut down.

The first step of a tune up begins with replacing the fuel filter. This may also include cleaning the fuel injection system if your auto is so equipped. Changing the spark plugs and possibly the wires is the next step. This depends on which type of spark plugs you have, as some cars have platinum spark plugs which do not need to be replaced as often and may need to be completely replaced at every other tune up.

If the wires are attached to the distributor cap it will need to be replaced also, and the rotor if your car has them. Newer cars may have distributor-less ignition and do not have a distributor or rotor. Next the points and condensor are changed in older models (typically manufactured before 1978). Ideally, points should be changed every six months. If your vehicle was manufactured after 1980 you won’t need the next step, which is to check and adjust the ignition timing.

If your car does not have hydraulic valves, then the regular valves are next to be adjusted in the tune up process. At this point the valve-cover gasket is inspected and should be replaced if there is evidence of oil on top of the engine.

Fix Car Now TowerOur Fixcarnow mechanics will then check belts and replace if necessary, check and fill fluids, change the oil and filter (if it’s been more than 3000 miles since your last oil change,) and replace the air filter if necessary. We recommend changing the air filter every 15,000 miles. We will also service the battery, check the fluid level and clean terminals and cable ends. If your car has been running rough or stalling, it is likely the PCV valve needs to be replaced, so we will inspect it as well.

Lastly, our technicians will adjust the clutch if you drive a manual and don’t have a self-adjusting clutch.

Residents and employees in the West Los Angeles area choose Fixcarnow for our expertise and the convenience of using our services. Call us with any questions you may have about necessary maintenance services and we’ll be happy to help you. Or just stop in and see us at any of our locations!

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