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TransmissionIf you are noticing something isn’t right with your transmission, it’s important that you don’t delay getting a professional inspection. As with all other systems of your car, early inspection and repair will prevent expensive repairs down the line. If you live or work in the West Los Angeles area, you’re fortunate to have Fixcarnow right around the corner for expert transmission service, inspection, diagnosis and repair.

Transmissions are arguably one of the most complex components of your vehicle, the most expensive to repair yet the easiest to maintain. One reason why it is of the utmost importance to maintain the proper level of transmission fluid is because it is the fluid that does all the work! The fluid transfers hydraulic pressure to shift the gears, lubricates all moving parts and cools down the transmission. Although transmission fluid lasts longer than engine oil, it deteriorates over time and under heavy weight and high temperature. The mechanics at Fixcarnow check and fill transmission fluid at every oil change as part of our service. We understand the huge importance of keeping the fluid clean and level as well as using the proper transmission fluid for your specific vehicle.

Causes of transmission damage can include overheating from carrying heavy loads, stop and go traffic in hot weather, towing a trailer, mountain driving, and driving at sustained high speeds during hot weather. Problems in the cooling system itself such as a low coolant level, a defective cooling fan, fan clutch, thermostat or water pump, or an obstructed radiator will also diminish transmission fluid cooling efficiency. The fluid oxidizes at high temperatures which in turn causes it to cease lubricating as it should. Minus the lubrication, the o-rings, rubber seals and metal parts of the transmission suffer and cause failure of the entire system. According to the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association, 90% of all transmission failures are caused by overheating, and most failures can be blamed on worn out fluid that could have easily been replaced.

You can do several things to prevent transmission failure. Always maintain a regular oil change schedule so your transmission fluid is topped and filled. Check your parking space for any reddish-colored fluids that could have leaked from your engine. Do not carry loads too heavy for your vehicle or run your engine too hot for too long.

Fix Car Now TrioIf you are noticing symptoms such as your vehicle starts to shift differently than normal, or you hear noises when shifting, you should visit Fixcarnow immediately. Become familiar with the sound and feel of your engine and if you have never heard that noise or felt that vibration before, it’s a good idea to have it checked out as soon as as possible. The problem might be something minor, but if left unattended it is sure to become a major problem and an expensive repair in time.

For optimum protection, Fixcarnow recommend having your transmission fluid and filter changed every 30,000 miles. While some manufacturers say the change isn’t necessary, we feel it’s far less expensive to change the fluid than replace your transmission.

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