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TransmissionA regularly scheduled professional inspection by Fixcarnow is one of the most important maintenance tasks you can perform for your car. Routine, early inspection and quality repair by a certified shop such as Fixcarnow will go far to prevent expensive repairs from ever needing to take place. If you live or work in the West Los Angeles area, you’ll be happy to know we are right around the corner to provide expert transmission service, inspection, diagnosis and repair.

Whenever most customers even hear the word transmission, they may automatically assume major (and expensive!) repair work will be needed. While transmissions are undeniably one of the more complex components of your vehicle, did you know how easy it is to maintain the smooth operation of this component? The mechanics at Fixcarnow check and fill transmission fluid at every oil change as part of our service. We understand the importance of keeping the fluid clean and level as well as using the proper transmission fluid for your specific vehicle.

The first step in caring for your transmission is to maintain the proper level of transmission fluid. This is an important step as it’s the fluid that bears the biggest burden in maintaining the transmission. The job of transmission fluid is to transfer hydraulic pressure to shift the gears, lubricate all moving parts and bring down the temperature of the transmission. Transmission fluid breaks down over time and under stressful conditions such as weight and heat.

Secondly, you can protect your transmission system from damage by avoiding the following causes: transporting too much weight, operating under inconsistent driving patterns such as driving in heavy traffic, towing, and driving long distances during warmer weather. The majority of transmission damages are caused by overheating. Excess heat causes the transmission fluid to not perform as it should, which in turn burns out the other parts of the transmission system.

Signs of impending transmission failure include a change in shifting ease or patterns. Pay attention to any unusual or new noises you may hear during shifting. Also note if you feel any unusual vibrations, or grinding noises when your car changes gears. If you experience any of these changes, stop by and see us immediately!

AudiThird, we recommend changing your transmission fluid and filter every 30,000 miles. Your car manufacturer may recommend more mileage between changes, but we maintain it’s far less expensive to change the fluid than replace your entire transmission.
Lastly, keeping up with your oil change service is one of the easiest and smartest ways to maintain the health of your entire vehicle. As part of our service, our mechanics check and fill your transmission fluid, as well as inspect your system for any consistencies or signs of impending failure.

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