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TransmissionThe ASE-certified mechanics at Fixcarnow are experts in automotive and transmission repair. Fixcarnow has been operating in the greater Los Angeles and Culver City area for over two decades. We provide convenient pick up and drop off services for your car, and offer loaner and shuttle services while we are working on your car. When you are in need of transmission repair or service, stop by one of our Culver City locations and see why our customers have loved us for over twenty years!

Your transmission is one of those major parts of your vehicle you may not think a lot about until you have a problem. While it may be easy to remember to change your oil or rotate your tires, the transmission maintenance is often one of those services people forget or avoid. The transmission consists of hundreds of complex components that make your vehicle move. The transmission fluid multitasks to cool, lubricate, transmit force and pressure, inhibit varnish build-up and protect the transmission. Routine maintenance is a must in keeping the transmission fluid clean and the transmission and all of its parts running smoothly.

Symptoms of transmission failure include loss of power upon acceleration, transmission not going into gear, difficulty shifting into gear, transmission slipping, grinding noise in the transmission, transmission leak, and the vehicle becoming unable to move.

The transmission is one of the most costly repairs your vehicle can need, so you are wise to do what you can to prevent this from happening. There are several reasons a transmission can fail, including harsh driving conditions, unchanged, old and dirty transmission fluid, and driving your vehicle with low or no transmission fluid. Your driving habits can contribute to transmission failure as well. It is important that you never change gears from drive to reverse while your vehicle is moving, spin tires on turns with front wheel drives, drag race, drive a 4 x 4 on drive pavement, shift automatic gears while the vehicle is moving, or drive on mismatched tire sizes for long periods of time.

Regular oil changes go a long way toward keeping your transmission in good working condition. At Fixcarnow part of our oil change service includes checking and filling all fluids, including the transmission fluid. If you are having your vehicle’s oil changed regularly with us, our mechanics are going to be familiar with your car and will notice if your transmission fluid is dirty or in need of more than normal refilling.

Tune UpsOur transmission maintenance services include replacement of transmission fluid, replacement of transmission filter (where applicable), replacement of the pan gasket and a lift inspection. If you are noticing any of the issues mentioned above, stop by and see the mechanics at Fixcarnow today to have your transmission inspected. Don’t waste time with such an important part of your vehicle or you could end up replacing the entire transmission.

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