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The professionals at Fixcarnow in Culver City understand that in today’s already busy world keeping up with the regular maintenance of all the oils, fluids, parts and filters that create the proper function of your car can be a job in itself. While you can do the best you can to maintain the scheduled replacements and services for your vehicle, one of the greatest dangers is also the least well known – the failure of the timing belt.

The timing belt is one of the most important parts of your vehicle’s engine but most vehicle owners don’t think too much about this crucial belt until it’s too late – meaning it’s failed and caused considerable engine damage. The timing belt controls your vehicle’s camshaft, which opens and closes the intake and exhaust valves, creating combustion that enables your engine to run.

In understanding the dangers of timing belt failure it’s a great idea to know whether your engine is interference or non-interference. Interference engines have a small amount of space between valves and pistons, and non-interference engines have much more space. Timing belt failure in an interference engine will cause the piston to strike an open valve and will most likely completely destroy the engine. Damage to a non-interference engine would not be as deadly, but can still be monumental, and costly.

The specialists at Fixcarnow recommend having your vehicle’s timing belt changed every 60,000 to 80,000 miles. If you’ve purchased an older car and cannot find evidence of when the timing belt was last changed, the mechanics at Fixcarnow recommend you have it changed just to be prudent. It’s a far better option than buying a new car or engine! Changing your belt early is definitely a lot safer for your engine, and can save you a lot of money and the surprise of having to purchase a new car or engine unexpectedly.

Fix Car Now TrioEven though you may responsibly have your oil changed every 3,000 miles, change your brake pads every 30,000 and 60,000 miles, have your radiator and transmission serviced annually, and have all of your other scheduled repair services performed according to schedule, nothing can save you from a timing belt failure except replacing the belt according to recommended scheduling. Get your timing belt replaced regularly and by the ASE certified mechanics at Fixcarnow.

Fixcarnow is conveniently located in Culver City for the ease of our customers who live and work in the area. We’ve enjoyed the pleasure of servicing the vehicles of Culver City residents for more than two decades and look forward to helping you with your timing belt and any and all other automotive repair needs.

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