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Shocks StrutsEven if you don’t drive an expensive foreign import, you should expect a smooth ride in your vehicle. If you’ve noticed something has changed in your car’s handling on the road, don’t delay in visiting the ASE-certified mechanics at Fixcarnow in Culver City. The last thing you want is to learn your car’s ability to turn or stop in an emergency has been hampered. Don’t wait until it’s too late to have these important components of your vehicle inspected. Your steering and suspension of your vehicle take some of the heaviest wear and tear on your vehicle and should be maintained and inspected regularly in order to avoid the unnecessary and preventable cost of repair.

Between oil changes and other routine maintenance services where your steering and suspension will be inspected, there are driving signs that could indicate the need for an immediate inspection. These signs include extended movement once your vehicle goes over a bump, extra time necessary for your vehicle to come to a stop once you’ve pressed the brake pedal, the front end ‘dolphining’ down when you brake, the rear end dragging upon acceleration, the vehicle swaying to the side during a turn, and the vehicle ride becoming increasingly unstable.

Jumpy steering will feel like the steering wheel is being pulled from your hands. You may also hear noises such as clunks or grinding. This could indicate that the ball joints connecting the suspension to the tires are starting to wear out.

Difficulty steering may indicate something as simple as the need for the additional of power steering fluid. If you are keeping up with your oil changes at Fixcarnow, our mechanics will always check and fill the power steering fluid as part of our routine service. If the fluid is not being maintained at a consistent level, this could indicate a problem that we would then notice and investigate. Noise during steering can be caused by a worn or malfunctioning power steering belt or could also be an indication of a low level of power steering fluid.

KeysUneven steering, or drift, is another sign that something is amiss. This could be remedied by checking tire pressure and filling to even and appropriate levels. If this does not fix the problem, we would then inspect to make sure the uneven steering is not a result of a dragging brake. A shaky steering system could also be caused by tire issues, including loose wheel bolts or unevenly worn tires.

The simple inspection and remedy of the proper inflation of tires, the condition of the power steering belt and appropriate levels of all fluids goes a long way toward remedying steering and suspension issues. Having your car’s oil regularly and routinely changed at Fixcarnow in Culver City will guarantee that these three simple maintenance steps are always followed.

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