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Shocks StrutsAre you having trouble with your steering or suspension? Fixcarnow in West Angeles is the west side’s first choice in automotive inspection and repair. The ASE certified technicians at Fixcarnow are specialists in diagnosing and repairing steering and suspension problems. If you live or work on the west side, drop by any of our locations if you have any questions about your vehicle’s handling performance. We will be happy to inspect your vehicle, as these preventative inspections have the potential to save our customers a lot of time and cash as well as keep our roads safer.

You know when something isn’t right with your vehicle. Something just feels ‘off.’ Since many of your vehicle’s systems work together, the cause of some issues can be interrelated with other systems of your car. Perhaps you are noticing the following:

  1. Vehicle consistently pulls to one side while driving or braking
  2. Wheels shimmy, shake, or feel ‘loose’ on the road
  3. Car is ‘porpoising’ or dipping and dropping like a fish on the road or while braking
  4. Steering is slipping back and forth, difficult, vibrating, or feels loose and sloppy
  5. Steering is making noises such as shrieks or squeals when turning

Pulling, shimmying and looseness on the road may require a solution as simple as evening out the tire pressure. Uneven tire pressure causes the vehicle to work harder to correct suspension while driving and braking. Addressing this simple solution early (and maintaining it constantly) will keep your entire driving system in better health and prevent unnecessary wear and tear on other related parts of your car such as shocks, struts and steering. Perhaps your tires may simply need to be aligned. We will examine your tires as well as your shock and/or strut system to rule out shock or strut damage.

Steering issues can sometimes be corrected by simply adding more power steering fluid. Other fixes may require tightening or replacement of the steering belt. If you have power steering, your car may need repair of replacement of the power steering pump, or repair of the power steering rack or mounts. The tire and wheel repairs mentioned above can also help with minor steering issues. Worn shocks and/or struts, strut bearings, ball joints and CV can also affect steering and driving.

Fix Car Now Service BayThe bottom line is that if you are noticing something isn’t right with your steering or driving, the fix could be something as simple as adding air to your tires or power steering fluid to the power steering fluid reservoir. It’s important that you don’t delay when you do notice something doesn’t feel right. As with all other systems with your car, early inspection and repair usually prevents expensive repairs down the line. If you live or work in the West Los Angeles area, you’re fortunate to have Fixcarnow right around the corner for quick automotive inspection, diagnosis and repair. Call or stop and see us today!

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