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Shocks StrutsFixcarnow in West Angeles recommends that you have your shocks and/or struts inspected every time you have an oil change – or approximately every 3000 and 5000 driving miles. Not all vehicles have shocks and struts, as some cars have just struts and some have only shocks. Shocks are one part of the suspension system while the strut is the complete suspension assembly. The technicians at Fixcarnow are specialists in shock and strut replacement and/or repair. If you live or work on the west side, drop by any of our locations and let us check out your shocks and struts if you have any questions about your vehicle’s handling performance. These preventative inspections could save you a lot of hassle and money down the road.

The job of the shocks and/or struts is to soften spring oscillation and give your vehicle the ability to consistently maintain a smooth ride. The springs absorb the bumps in the road while the shocks dampen the bounce of the spring. The shock absorbers help the springs maintain a manageable ‘bounce,’ otherwise the tires could lift from the road after a bump and create dangerous driving situations.

When driving your vehicle pay attention to the following:

  • How does your vehicle ride on a rough road?
  • How does your car’s suspension handle bumps?
  • Is steering easy and return normal?
  • How does the steering feel after hitting a bump?
  • Does the vehicle’s body lean or sway when turning a corner?
  • Are there any unusual noises?

The signs that you may need new shocks and/or struts include vehicle roll or sway on turns; vehicle shimmy, vibration or bounce; front end dip when braking; rear end drop when accelerating; vehicle stability becoming unreliable on difficult roads; and vehicle bottoming out after hitting a bump.

Early diagnosis and prevention of further damage could save you time and money. Worn shocks and struts can cause additional wear and tear to other parts of the suspension assembly including the ball joints, steering linkage, the springs themselves and C.V. (constant velocity) joints. Braking performance has been found to decrease up to 50% when using marginal shocks, as the wheels ‘hop’ rather than maintain contact with the ground. This in turn causes excess wear and tear of the entire braking system.

Shocks StrutsIf you are noticing any issues with your suspension system, or you just have questions, give us a call or drop by any one of our west Los Angeles Fixcarnow locations. Our mechanics will examine your car and will look for housing leaks, shock or strut indentations, worn rubber mounting bushings, smashed rubber bumpers from hitting the road, pockmarked piston rids and abnormal tire wear and tear. We promise to give you an honest appraisal. Check out our Yelp and Google reviews and see why we are the first choice for west side auto repair.

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