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Shocks StrutsIf you’ve noticed changes in your car’s handling while driving on the road, visit the ASE-certified technicians at Fixcarnow in Culver City for a professional inspection. The shocks and struts of your vehicle absorb the heavy wear and tear of the road and prevent it from affecting your comfort and your safety and that of others. Regular inspection and maintenance of these crucial components of your suspension system will help you to avoid the unnecessary and preventable cost of repair.

In between oil changes and other routine maintenance where our mechanics inspect your vehicle’s shocks and struts as part of our service, there are driving signs that could indicate the need for an immediate inspection. These signs include continued bumpy movement when your vehicle goes over a bump yet continues bouncing, extended time necessary for your vehicle to come to a still and complete stop after pressing the brake, the front end dipping down when you brake, the rear end back-dragging upon acceleration, the vehicle overly leaning to the side during a turn, and the vehicle ride becoming increasingly unstable.

Worn shocks and struts can cause a poor and uncomfortable ride, as well as changes to your vehicle’s ride height. These changes can then cause increased wear of the other components of your suspension system including the tires, ball joints and springs. Damage to these items is entirely preventable with proper and regular maintenance of your suspension system. The cost of servicing and/or replacing these components can be more than the cost of replacing the shocks and struts themselves.

Since shocks and struts wear out gradually and with little warning, the incremental loss of handling, control and comfort may be practically unnoticeable until damage is already occurring.

The physical signs of worn shocks include an obvious circumferential wearing of the tires’ rubber. Also look for oil leaking directly from the shocks.

Careful driving is a great way to prevent damage to the suspension system of your vehicle. As much as possible, avoid potholes and other structures such as curbs that will cause your suspension system to take a big hit.

Fix Car Now TowerIf you notice any of these physical or driving signs, don’t delay in bringing your vehicle in to see the professionals at Fixcarnow for a shock and strut inspection. Our mechanics are trained to spot any potential issues with your suspension system before costly repairs are necessary. Fixcarnow has been operating in the greater Los Angeles area for more than two decades. Our customers trust us to keep their cars in perfect working condition and with minimal money spent. Regular maintenance by the mechanics at Fixcarnow means less money spent on repairs in the long run. Come see us today!

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