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Range RoverFixCarNow Culver City provides oil change and oil change service for the following areas: Culver City, Marina Del Rey, Playa Vista and Playa Del Rey. Our ASE certified mechanics are skilled with all makes and models of automobiles, both foreign and domestic, including the Range Rover.

Having your Range Rover oil changed at FixCarNow gives our mechanics the chance to check all belts and hoses, top and fill fluids, lube the chassis and check wiper blades, suspension and tire pressure.

How often to change the oil in your Range Rover is the million dollar question these days. With the advent of oil additives and synthetic oil, manufacturers and dealers are recommending longer and longer intervals between oil changes.

Your Range Rover may have an oil list monitor system to assist you. When the oil is ready to be changed, the system may warn you with alerts that are posted in the instrument cluster, such as “10 percent of oil life remains.” When the oil change is actually due, the alert will say “0 percent oil life remains; oil change is due” or the change oil light will illuminate each time the vehicle is started.

The oil change reminder system must be reset when the oil change has been performed, as it does not reset automatically. Your Range Rover dealer may recommend you follow “Maintenance I and II,” “Service A and B,” or “Inspection I and II” maintenance schedules. “I” or “A” service is an oil change and a basic inspection. The “II” or “B” service often also includes a tire rotation, air filter replacement, cabin air filter replacement, and a more comprehensive inspection.

Brake RepairThe system recommendations will let you know when it’s time for an oil change but do not include recommendations for extended mileage services like spark plug and fluid replacements. Take your Range Rover to FixCarNow in Culver City where you can be sure our ASE certified mechanics and technicians will thoroughly examine your Range Rover for any necessary or suggested repairs or maintenance.

Be sure to check out our online reviews on Yelp and see what your neighbors are saying about FixCarNow! We have hundreds of online reviews that prove it just couldn’t be any easier to have your Range Rover’s oil changed at FixCarNow in Culver City.

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