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Range RoverIf you live or work in the Century City area, FixCarNow has a number of locations available to service your Range Rover. Concierge service is available. Contact us to pick up and redeliver your car after any inspection, service or repairs are completed.

Our ASE certified mechanics are familiar with the pros and cons of the Range Rover experience. Like any other automobile, Range Rovers are prone to peculiar issues. Feel free to contact us if your Range Rover is experiencing any of the following brake repair issues. Our brake diagnostics are alway free. Combine a free inspection with free concierge service and getting your Range Rover brakes repaired in Century City couldn’t be more convenient.

One of the costs of owning a Range Rover is keeping up with what may seem like more frequent brake replacement than other vehicles. Range Rovers are known for their top of the line braking system, so keeping the system maintained is part and parcel of owning a Range Rover. Your manual should offer guildelines suggesting changing your front brake pads at around 30K miles and your rear brake pads around 60K miles. But pay attention to the type of driving you do. Are you commuting and hitting a lot of that famous Los Angeles stop and go traffic? Are you a quick and hard braker? Be sure to become familiar with the sound of your healthy braking system so you are aware when it does not sound or feel right. Taking early action on squeaking, grinding and roaring noises or diminished braking capacity could save you money in unnecessary and costly repairs, such as replacing the rotors.

Periodically, the brake fluid should be flushed from the braking system. Brake fluid tends to absorb moisture which causes the fluid to boil. A symptom of boiling brake fluid is sponginess of the brake pedal and diminished braking power. Brake fluid should be bled if air or water has entered the braking system.

Since 1990, the various Range Rover models have been equipped with a state-of-the-art Automatic Braking System (ABS) specially developed to cope with off road as well as on road conditions. However, this fantastic system can also cause brake system maintenance to be a little more tricky that other vehicles.

Brake RepairIf you notice that while driving your Range Rover brake pedal becomes momentarily hard, and the brake warning light flickers if you hit the brakes quickly, the accumulator may be dying. Our ASE certified technicians are familiar with this Range Rover issue.

Our brake diagnostics are always free. If you live or work in the Century City area, give us a call at (213) 289-8389 for any brake service repair or maintenance questions you may have. We’re here to help!

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