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Range RoverHaving your Range Rover repaired at the Downtown Los Angeles Fixcarnow is so easy you’ll wish you would have discovered us sooner!

Our ASE certified mechanics are familiar with the unique needs and requirements for maintaining the health of your Range Rover. Whether you drive a Classic, P38a Mark II, L322 Mark III, L405 Mark IV, L320 Sport or L538 Evoque you’ll find that our mechanics are familiar with many of the common problems unique to Range Rovers.

Is your classic experiencing a mysterious battery drain if the car sits for three days? It could be the CD changer. Although the car is off and the key removed, the CD changer continues to remember the position last played on the CD. A very simple solution is to eject the CD each time you are turning off the engine.

Fuel pump failure is one of the most common issues with Classics. Wires and epoxy on top of the fuel pump are often damaged from overheating. Another cause could be the fuel, relay and inertia switch. Still another cause could be a blocked vacuum relief/rollover valve. Classic fuel pumps have an electric motor with carbon brushes that can wear out. Sometimes the brushes can be replaced at a very low cost compared to what it would cost to replace the fuel pump.

While the Mark II has an anti lock braking system that is the envy of most other vehicles, unlike most other vehicles it doesn’t use a vacuum-powered booster but an electrically powered high pressure hydraulic pump with an accumulator which stores enough energy for 20-30 brake applications. These are common Mark II failures.

Mark IIIs can experience a dangerous condition in which the o-ring seal on the oil filter housing can be faulty and cause all the oil to leak from the engine. Our mechanics know to check this seal when changing oil on Range Rovers and ensure that the o-ring is properly secured.

Auto RepairOne of the most common problems experienced by Mark III owners is vibration felt through the steering, brake or gas pedal. There are a variety of conditions that could be causing vibration including valve malfunction, tire or driveshaft issues. Our mechanics are adept at discovering the specific cause of this frustrating and common issue.

Whether your Range Rover is experiencing a specific issue or you are seeking basic maintenance, call us at (213) 617-2605. No appointment is ever necessary at Fixcarnow Downtown Los Angeles.

Additional services offered by our eight Fixcarnow locations include free estimates, free diagnostics, free brake checks, and free shuttle service. For more intensive repairs, we offer loaner cars. As always, all of our repair services come with a two year warranty.
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