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Fix Car Now Shake HandsAlthough cars, engine performance and the complexities of auto repair have changed greatly over the years, the old advice that you should pull over immediately when your car overheats remains as important as ever. We’ve all been there at some point – either watching the little red needle working its way up on our own thermostat, or seeing another driver on the side of the road with his hands in the air, the hood up and steam belching from the engine.

Immediate, irreparable and expensive damage can be done if you continue to drive once your engine has overheated, as overheating causes instant damage to your vehicle. Even another couple of minutes spent trying to make it to the next destination is a bad idea. If your car overheats, don’t try to make it home or to work or to the next stop – pull to a safe spot on the side of the road immediately and call Fixcarnow for help. We are available 24 hours a day for emergencies such as overheating.

The radiator performs one of the most important jobs in keeping your car functioning by maintaining your engine’s operation safe temperatures. Depending on the type of car you drive, your driving patterns, and undergoing any stressful conditions for your engine such as driving long distances in hot weather or carrying heavy loads, some engines will overheat more easily than others. Regular and routine inspections during oil changes at Fixcarnow will allow our ASE-certified mechanics to spot any tell-tale signs that your radiator may be in need of service. Be sure to keep up with your oil change schedule so our mechanics can give your vehicle regular ‘check-ups’ and spot any abnormalities.

Regular maintenance of the radiator itself is an important part of taking the best care of your vehicle and avoiding the emergency of overheating and breakdown. Given the importance of proper engine operating temperature, maintaining the functionality of your radiator is of great importance.

Fix Car Now DuoRadiator service and inspection by the ASE-certified technicians at Fixcarnow in West Los Angeles include thermostat testing, coolant leak inspection, radiator cap fitting, inspection of fan and fan clutch, inspection of water pump, inspection of belts and hoses, inspection of exhaust system and finally an inspection of the radiator itself for dirt, debris, accumulation and corrosion that can block air flow.

The specialists at Fixcarnow recommend servicing your radiator annually considering the great weather in Los Angeles. Areas with greater temperature extremes will require radiators to be serviced twice per year, but once per year radiator inspection just gives us one more reason to love L.A.!

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