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Car DoctorJust like all the other systems in your vehicle, keeping the radiator in good maintenance and repair will prevent other parts of your vehicle from breaking down and costing additional money to repair or replace. I’m sure we’ve all seen that unfortunate person on the side of the freeway with their hood up and steam rising from the engine. Perhaps this has even happened to you. The good news is that radiator maintenance is easy and can keep you from being the next victim of radiator malfunction and overheating. The technicians at Fixcarnow in Culver City are always available to perform routine and complex maintenance for your radiator, and keep you driving happily on the roads.

An important note is that should you car overheat, you must pull over immediately. Do not attempt to drive to the nearest repair shop as you will cause irrevocable damage to your vehicle. Call Fixcarnow and let us assist you.

There are several things that are necessary to maintaining proper radiator function. First, always make sure you have the proper refrigerant mix in your radiator. A correct antifreeze coolant is critical so always use glycol based antifreeze and be sure you mix it with the appropriate level of water. Coolant should never be used alone. The rule of thumb is that if the outside temperatures are warm, the coolant/water mix should be equal.

Next, it is important to change the coolant/water mixture annually to keep it fresh. The radiator attracts debris which will then block the flow of the coolant and water mix. Our mechanics will perform this function for you by completely draining the antifreeze mix, flushing the system from dirt and debris and replacing with a fresh mixture.

A third step is to have the radiator cap replaced when the radiator is drained and flushed. Over time, the radiator cap rubber becomes old and cracked, allowing the radiator fluid to evaporate and well as allowing dirt and debris to enter the system and impede the flow of fluid.

Fix Car Now TrioAlso, have the hoses and other parts annually inspected and replaced if necessary. The hoses can easily become old and brittle under such intense heat, and start cracking and leaking fluid. The hose debris can also enter the system and block the flow of the coolant and ruin the radiator itself.

When you bring your vehicle to Fixcarnow in Culver City for radiator service, we will always perform a pressure test to make sure your system is functioning as it should. This way you will always know your system is ready to heat or cool your car as needed, and you won’t find yourself on the side of the freeway with your hood and your hands up.

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