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Premium Oil Change Service: Regular Price: $39.99, Online Price w/coupon – $34.95.

Here at Fixcarnow in Culver City we respect that our customers have many automotive repair shops to choose from when looking for the best shop to get a quick, easy and affordable oil change. That’s why we are so proud of our solid twenty five year reputation in the greater Los Angeles area. Our customers tell the world on Yelp and Google how thankful they are to have our shops in their neighborhoods and we couldn’t be more appreciative.

An oil change is your first line of defense to keeping your car in top condition and preventing unnecessary breakdown, wear and tear. When oil breaks down, the dirt, debris and particulates are then circulated throughout your engine where they cause havoc in the moving parts. While manufacturer recommendations on how often to have your car’s oil changed range from anywhere from every 3000 to every 10000 miles, it’s easy to be confused on how often to have this important service performed. Oils now have a lot of additives that didn’t exist before, so oil can last longer before degrading. We don’t recommend going over 5000 miles between oil changes though, because you can’t change your oil too often, but you can change it too infrequently.

The major bonus in having your oil changed frequently is that it gives our mechanics scheduled opportunities to give your car a check up several times a year. Since the days of full service gas stations have passed, maintenance of your car now falls to you or your mechanic. With an oil change at Fixcarnow, you will receive five quarts of Castrol oil and a new filter along with a check of all your fluids, belts, hoses and tire pressure.

Topping and filling fluids is an important part of maintaining engine health. For example, transmission fluids do all the work in the transmission. The fluid transfers hydraulic pressure to shift the gears, lubricates all moving parts and cools down the transmission. Although transmission fluid lasts longer than engine oil, it deteriorates over time and under heavy weight and high temperature. The mechanics at Fixcarnow check and fill transmission fluid at every oil change as part of our service.

Fix Car Now TrioOur mechanics will also check and fill brake, battery, and power steering fluid. Each one of these fluids is crucial to maintaining the health of the part of your car it serves. These fluids lubricate metals and rubbers and keep the parts moving as they should. Once fluid levels drop, the areas they service are at risk to fail.

We also check the condition of belts and hoses, which will help keep you from being stranded with an overheated engine. Our brake check will ease your mind so you know you will be able to stop when you need to do so. Lastly, we lube the chassis, add window washer fluid, check and fill tire pressure and check your suspension.

If you live or work in the Culver City area, stop by Fixcarnow and see why we work so hard to keep our customer’s vehicles in top condition.

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