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Fixcarnow has been operating in the Century City, beach cities and greater Los Angeles area for more than two decades. Our customers love the convenience of using Fixcarnow, especially our concierge service where we provide the luxury of picking up, repairing and dropping off our customer’s cars. We also offer free loaner cars and shuttle services during the duration when we are working on your car. When you are in need of automotive repair or body work, give us a call and see why our customers have trusted us for over twenty years with all their automotive maintenance and repair.

Having your car’s oil changed is likely the most important maintenance service you can do to extend the life of your car. As oil ages it begins to break down and attract dirt and debris that are then recirculated throughout your engine. The recirculated dirty oil then causes wear and tear of various parts of your engine. This wear and tear process can be halted or avoided by just simply having the oil in your vehicle changed regularly.

If your engine oil is not changed often enough, the piston rings may not remain as tight as they need to be. Oil can enter the crankcase and this dirties the oil and makes it thicker. Dirt and debris in the oil then stick in the oil galleys. Once the oil galleys become clogged, the oil cannot drain back down into the oil pan. The oil accumulates in the valve covers, leaving less oil in the oil pan to circulate throughout the engine. The engine then runs out of oil to circulate, causing the bearings to seize and eventually causing the engine to stop running entirely. This process is entirely preventable with regular oil change maintenance.

Many customers ask our technicians just how often should a vehicle owner have their engine oil changed? Today there is much conflicting information as to how often this should take place. In the past it was always recommended that engine oil be changed no less than every 3000 miles. With the addition of various additives, oil now lasts longer before it breaks down. While some manufacturers are recommending that engines go as long as 10,000 miles between oil changes, the technicians at Fixcarnow do not recommend going to such long intervals.

Century CityOne major reason to have your engine oil changed more frequently is that our technicians can then give your car a thorough inspection and service to ensure that all engine fluids are topped and filled. We inspect the condition of your belts and hoses, which can prevent an untimely breakdown. Our technicians will lube the chassis and fill all tires to proper levels to keep your suspension in proper condition. We also check window washer fluid and wiper blades. We inspect your brakes too, and will advise you if it’s necessary to change your brake pads.

If you live or work in the Century City area, please stop by and see us for your oil change and all other maintenance service needs. You’ll be glad you did!

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