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Oil ChangeFixCarNow has many locations throughout the greater Los Angeles area from downtown Los Angeles to the beaches. Residents and employees in the Century City area can visit our West Los Angeles, Culver City or mobile locations throughout the Century City area. You may not even have to visit us at all: FixCarNow offers a convenient concierge service designed to help the busy Los Angeleno with maintaining their Mercedes while not missing a beat at the office. Give us a call and allow us to pick up your keys, perform any inspection or repairs you request, and redeliver your keys to you when finished.

Having the oil changed on your Mercedes is one of the most important preventative maintenance services you can have performed. Clean oil means a clean running engine, and regular oil change services can add many miles and years to the life of your engine. Oil picks up many different types of particulates which it then circulates throughout the engine, causing premature engine wear which can be easily prevented by adhering to regularly scheduled maintenance services.

When having your oil changed, other important inspections take place at FixCarNow. Brake fluid tends to accumulate moisture, resulting in decreased brake performance. We will also check and fill brake fluid, and we recommend a complete flush once per year to minimize moisture accumulation. Belts and hoses are inspected, which can help the Mercedes owner avoid costly blowouts, engine damage and unnecessary inconvenience if stranded with a snapped belt or cracked hose. Other fluids are topped and filled during an oil change including transmission, window wiper, battery and power steering. Our technicians will also lube the chassis if applicable. This means to grease the fittings that allow steering and some suspension components to be lubricated. Some newer vehicles have sealed components and therefore will not need this service. We also check and fill tires and can rotate them if necessary.

While you may not pay attention to your wiper blades very often, you will sure notice when you need them and they’re not performing well. Blades should be replaced at least once per year. Did you know you should not directly touch the wiper blade? Oil from your fingers can decrease blade performance.

Oil ChangeYou’ve probably heard that you should only use window wiper fluid and never water, but did you wonder why? It seems that using water creates a situation in the window washer fluid reservoir where the water can become warm and stagnant. It becomes the perfect breeding ground for bacterium that can cause pneumonia and other illnesses. The utilization of window washer fluid will not allow these germs to breed.

If you Mercedes needs an oil change, give us a call and ask about our concierge services. It’s just so easy to use FixCarNow … why would you go anywhere else?

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