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MercedezThere is nothing like living on the West side in the summer time. The temperature is twenty degrees cooler than the valley. The ocean air and cool nights make air conditioning a non issue. So tell me then… Why is it so hard to get my Mercedes serviced on the West Side? Why is Mercedes auto repair West LA like trying to find water in the desert? Before I became Chance’s business partner at FIXCARNOW, I used to make the twenty mile Trek to Downtown LA Motors for Mercedes car repair West LA. Yes, you heard me correctly.

Mercedes car repair in West LA left such a bad taste in my mouth that I weathered the traffic for an hour at times, to have the one shop that seemed to get it right service my car. They never even had loaner cars available for me, so I would hang out for the day in Downtown LA until they were finished, which was never before 5 PM. Thanks downtown la motors for that hour ride back to the West side ruining my brand new brake pads in stop and go traffic. Then one day, with only Twenty Five thousand miles on my Mercedes, I had a transmission issue. That is under warranty and no problem for them, so I thought. Three service visits later and countless hours spent going back and forth, and the transmission would still act up.

Brake RepairBy the way, when they say to you “We are going to flash the system and see if that helps,” it means they have no idea what is wrong and they will see you again real soon. I couldn’t take it anymore and since I was now proudly in the FIXCARNOW family, I had one of our Master Technicians have a crack at it. I had other paying Mercedes Repair West Los Angeles customers waiting, and this was supposed to be fixed for free, but it was time to fix it right! And that is exactly what happened. Four hours later, with a complete line of Mercedes diagnostic tools which we have in house, and a FIXCARNOW technician who seems to know from the beginning what the issue was, my Mercedes was running perfectly, just that way it was built to. I decided to send Mercedes corporate a letter telling them of the experience.

I had with them and how my Mercedes car repair West Los Angeles was actually more enjoyable being done on the West Side! They were kind enough to reimburse me for the shift Solenoid it ended up being, but turned around 2 weeks later and contacted our service technician who had signed the bottom of the work order. I guess they know a good thing when they find one. Don’t worry, when it comes time for your Mercedes auto repair West Los Angles, you will happy to know all of our technicians are still happily employed with us!

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