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Brake RepairEach brand and model of car is unique and Mercedes Benz is no exception. Our ASE certified technicians at FixCarNow West Los Angeles are familiar with the unique needs of the Mercedes Benz, particularly when it comes to the braking system and brake repair. High performance vehicles often have different weighting systems than standard vehicles. It’s important that every few years Mercedes brakes are examined by a certified professional. Our technicians understand the unique needs of the Mercedes, such as the fact that the Mercedes brake rotors are designed to be thinner to save weight – and cannot be turned as in domestic cars. They must be replaced when necessary.

The braking system should be examined every six months. A standard Mercedes inspection at FixCarNow West LA includes checking the rotors, brake pads, brake drums, brake shoes, calipers, wheel cylinders, hoses and fittings, master cylinder, reservoir and related valve assemblies. Regular and routine inspections of these items will prevent very costly repair in the future. Worn, warped or overheated rotors damage wheel bearings and the complete wheel hub assembly. Avoid the cost of replacing these parts as they often are more expensive than the brakes. Whenever pads are replaced, the hydraulic system must be bled, and we recommend that the fluid be changed with every replacement. Also when pads are replaced, the sensors and rotors should typically be replaced as well. Stop by and speak with one of our technicians to have any of your questions answered, and to get an honest appraisal of what is necessary and what is recommended.

Is there a cost for brake inspection? What is cost for brake repair?

MercedezSigns that your vehicle need inspection and possible repair include squeaking, rhythmic or other noise, and most definitely constant brake noise. If drums and rotors are stressed to the point of breakage, they will be unable to stop your car in an emergency. Brakes that feel squishy, cannot be pumped up, or always need to be pumped up are great indicators for a full brake system inspection. A basic rule of thumb is that the longer brake repair is delayed, the more costly the repair may be.

To maintain the health of your braking system, we recommend you perform the following routine maintenance services:

  • Maintain the recommended level of hydraulic fluid.
  • Wash brakes at the same time the car is washed.
  • Be familiar with the sound and functionality of your braking system.
  • Have brakes inspected immediately when you hear or know that something is wrong.

Our technicians at FixCarNow West LA are familiar with the requirements and recommendations important for the health, safety and longevity of your Mercedes. Drop by and speak with one of our technicians if you have any questions about brake repair and proper maintenance.

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