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MercedezFew systems are more important to the health and safety of you and others on the road than your Mercedes braking system. In the busy hustle and bustle of Los Angeles city life, you may be tempted to delay inspections and repair of this crucial part of your Mercedes performance. Your Mercedes may be speaking up by squeaking, grinding or roaring – don’t ignore these noises. Delaying brake repair is dangerous and expensive. Once you hear noise coming from the braking system, you can be sure damage is already occurring.

FixCarNow Downtown Los Angeles is a well-established auto repair shop that makes it super easy for you to have your brakes checked and repaired. Our concierge service is a popular feature for auto repair in the downtown LA area. We will pick up, repair and deliver your car while your work. It doesn’t get any easier!

Aside from regular maintenance, free inspections and oil changes, reasons to see us for brake repair include:

Visual inspection of rotors. We will inspect your rotors all the way around for grooves, wearing and defects of any kind. Mercedes rotors are built with minimal thickness and are more susceptible to wear and tear than most domestic rotors. They cannot be turned – and must be replaced.

Visual inspection of brake pads. If your sensor has alerted you, brake pad replacement is necessary. It doesn’t hurt to have the pads inspected regardless, because the pads are what protects the rotors and that is an expensive repair you want to avoid. Sensors should be replaced at the same time pads are replaced.

Visual inspection of brake drums and brake shoes if your Mercedes is equipped with these parts. We will check for wear, uneven pattern and grooves.

What causes the braking system to make noise:

Squeaking is generally heard as a result from debris on the brake, including dirt and dust. Worn pads may also cause squeaking.

Fix Car Now TrioRhythmic noise that comes and goes may be the result of a rotor issue. As mentioned above, Mercedes rotors are very thin so have your brakes inspected immediately if you hear rhythmic noise or your brake pedal vibrates underfoot.

Grinding could unfortunately mean that the squeaking and pulsating noises have been ignored and brake pads are worn through. Grinding means metal to metal.

The ASE certified mechanics at FixCarNow Downtown Los Angeles are happy to be a part of your Mercedes brake repair and maintenance. We are available to regularly check and make any necessary repairs. Stop by our Downtown LA location for a free evaluation and let us discuss your individual Mercedes needs with you today.

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