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Brake RepairAs the owner of a high-end European import, you know to choose your repair shop carefully when you are looking to develop a trusting and long-time relationship. FixCarNow Culver City employs only ASE certified technicians trained to properly service Mercedes and other European imports.

Mercedes automobiles are designed for speed and performance, and this design is what sets them apart from other automobiles on many levels.

While a good rule of thumb is to replace front brakes at 30,000 miles and rear brakes at 60,000 miles, there may be times when you are experiencing strange issues and need the advice and possible repair expertise of a certified mechanic. We invite you to call, email or stop by and chat with us if you are experiencing any of the following issues with your Mercedes:

  1. Brake pulsation when stopping. The ABS system is comprised of a control unit, pump, relay and speed sensors. The pulsation that can be felt in the pedal is likely the ABS avoiding a lock up and sending fluid to the front calipers.
  2. Gentle braking is causing pulsation. This could be a sensor problem, causing the sensor to ‘overreact.’ Stop by FixCarNow Culver City for a free Mercedes brake inspection.

We recommend the following steps to keep your braking system in top condition:

  1. Change brake fluid as per your manual’s recommended mileage guidelines. Have brake fluid completely drained and replaced when recommended. Brake fluid attracts moisture, which in turn boils and can cause brake system failure.
  2. Wash your brakes when you wash your car to remove excess dirt and debris.
  3. Wash your sensors when you have your brakes replaced. Sensors are magnetic and accumulate particulates that affect their ability to do their job.
  4. Have your sensor wiring inspected to ensure there is no wire damage causing sensors to malfunction.
  5. Regularly change brake pads as recommended (30,000 miles for front pads and 60,000 miles for rear pads.) Changing brake pads regularly will help keep your Mercedes rotors in good working order. Unlike heavier domestic cars, the Mercedes rotors are thin and light and built for speed. They cannot be ‘turned,’ and instead must be replaced when they develop grooves and ruts. This is an expensive repair that can be easily avoided by having regularly brake maintenance performed.

Fix Car Now OfficeFixCarNow Culver City, like all of our other locations, offer free brake system checks. We invite you to stop in and see why your neighbors love us!

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