Mercedes Brake Repair

  • FixCarNow uses O.E. Quality Brake Parts for your Mercedes Benz
  • 2 Year Warranty on Service
  • FixCarNow has the latest Equipment to diagnose your Mercedes Benz
  • 25 Years in Business!!
  • FixCarNow will provide a free loaner while we service your car
  • FixCarNow is Open 7 Days a Week
  • Free Shuttle to/from home or work
  • Fixcarnow Carcierge Key Pick-Up Service

Brake RepairFixCarNow has been servicing the Century City area for two decades. Our Yelp reviews are impeccable. Our convenient concierge service is so fantastic you will ask yourself why you would go anywhere else? Our technicians will pick up your keys, service your vehicle and return your keys once your BMW has been repaired. It couldn’t be any easier!

As a Mercedes owner, when you are looking for the best brake repair in the Century City area, there is no need to go anywhere but FixCarNow – if you have to go anywhere at all. One of the most fantastic services FixCarNow offers is our well-loved concierge service. While you work in your office, our technicians will pick up your keys directly from you, inspect and repair (after speaking to you first of course!) your Mercedes brake system and redeliver your keys back to your office once the repairs are complete. We know you’re busy, so let us help you by making your Mercedes brake repairs as hassle-free as possible!

Brake RepairBrake repair can be as simple as having your front pads replaced at 30000 miles, your rear pads replaced at 60000 miles, topping and filling your brake fluid and having it completely flushed once per year. It can also be as complicated as having your rotors replaced, an expensive yet preventable repair job. Mercedes rotors are thin and light for speed and weight consideration, unlike most domestic automobile rotors. They are too thin to sand or turn. Once the brake pads run thin, metal touches metal and grooves the rotors. When you hear unusual noises such as grinding and roaring, you can pretty much be sure damage is being done. If you notice increased squeaking, roaring, grinding or diminished braking performance, do not delay in getting a brake system inspection.

Since FixCarNow offers free brake diagnostics, there is no reason not to take advantage of our inspection and our concierge service. With many different locations throughout the Century City area, it is likely we are located in your office building, or around the corner!

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