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Los AngelesThe mechanics at FixCarNow Downtown Los Angeles are experts when it comes to auto repair for your Mercedes. We know that driving such a fine vehicle comes with important responsibilities for maintaining the health of your Mercedes engine. To avoid unnecessary and costly repairs down the lines, we recommend these simple maintenance measures:

  • Maintain a clean engine. Clean engines run cooler and keep other parts from failing prematurely. This may be the single most preventative measure you can take as a Mercedes owner.
  • Remove and check spark plugs every 30K miles. Spark plugs are great indicators of the health of your engine. Expensive repairs in the future can be avoided by simply maintaining the plugs.
  • Replace the air filter every 20K miles. If you drive in dusty areas, it should be replaced more often. If it shows any type of damage, replace immediately so it can do its job to protect the carburator in older models and the fuel injection system in later models.
  • Wash your brakes when you wash your car. Less dust and dirt on your brakes means less work for your braking system.
  • Check your water pump. Your Mercedes may have two water pumps – one gear-driven and one electronic.
  • Check your belts. In newer cars, the gear-driven water pump belt may be the engine’s timing belt. Timing belt driven water pumps should be replaced at the same time as the timing belt.
  • Check your hoses. Hoses deteriorate more with time than use, and should be inspected regularly for wear, abrasions, movement and tested for leakage. All hoses should be replaced every few years, dependent on driving style.
  • Inspect your wiper blades. Blades should be replaced every 6K miles or twice annually. A clear windshield may be the single most important part of your Mercedes driving experience. Worn wiper blades are dangerous – and you may not even realize this until you need to use them. Sun, oil and ozone are continually wearing your blades down whether you use them or not.
  • Check your battery. Corrosion can easily develop on your battery cables. Few things are more inconvenient than a dead battery so this simple check can avoid lost time and added hassle.
  • Check your tires. Tire pressure should be regularly maintained and checked at least once a month. Be sure to inspect your tires for wear and note the health of the tread.

MercedezHaving your Mercedes oil changes regularly performed by the ASE certified mechanics at FixCarNow Downtown Los Angeles will provide the opportunity for all of the above to be regularly checked and performed if necessary. Our technicians will be happy to speak with you and make appropriate recommendations. We understand there is sometimes a discrepancy between what the Mercedes manual recommends and what individual driving style requires. Stop by our Downtown LA location for a free evaluation and let us discuss your individual Mercedes needs with you today.

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