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Oil ChangeWhether you live or work in the Culver City area, one thing is certain: your Lexus will need oil change service on a regular basis. Oil changes are the primary method for our FixCarNow Culver City ASE certified mechanics to inspect many of the fluids, belts, hoses, brakes, tires and other systems and catch anything that can help you avoid expensive repairs in the future.

oil must be changed every 3,000 miles. It was long considered a standard rule of thumb that changing oil at 3,000 intervals was the key to maintaining a healthy, long running engine. However, with today’s technological advances oil change interval advice can go up to 25,000 miles!
The question then becomes what currently defines ‘a regular basis?’ For years we were told that

Do you know the importance behind having engine oil changed regularly? The very simple answer is that engine oil picks up dirt, debris, metal and other particulates. These particulates are then distributed throughout your engine, causing unnecessary wear and tear. Clean engine oil = clean engine. It’s that simple.

The important questions of how often to change the oil on your Lexus then becomes how often do you want a free system check and what type of driver are you?

Keep in mind you cannot change your oil too often. The reverse is not true. However, today’s oils and lubricants have come a long way with the addition of additives to regular oil and the creation of synthetic oil. Viscosity (the oil’s potential to flow easily and lubricate) breakdown traditionally occurred at around 3,000 miles. Oil breakdown is caused by heat, friction, contamination and oxidation. Today’s oils and synthetics are designed to combat these elements – resulting in the ability of a Lexus owner to go longer intervals between oil changes.

Your Lexus may be equipped with an oil change monitor that advises you when to have the engine oil changed. You may rely on this monitor is your Lexus is so equipped. Manufacturers afterwards revised their suggestions and asked Lexus owners to consider having engine oil changed at 7500 for regular type driving and 5000 for more serious driving.

Oil ChangeHow does the Lexus Oil Change monitor work? It calculates remaining oil life inside the Lexus engine. This is done via a pc algorithm that measures crankcase temps, combustion chamber events and moisture. The monitor calculates engine oil life to inside plus or minus five percent.

The Lexus Oil Change Monitor will automatically adjust the oil change interval depending on engine characteristics, driving habits, along with the climate/environment in which the car is operated.

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