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Squeal. Roar. Grind.

Brake RepairYou’ve heard these noises before. They are the unwelcome sounds from your brake telling you that you need brake service and you need it now. It may be tempting to put off brake repair for a few more days, or for a few more trips to work or the gym, but the specialists at Fixcarnow don’t recommend delaying the inevitable. Those brakes won’t repair themselves.

If you’re a Lexus owner in the Century City area, come see FixCarNow for brake repair. We have several mobile locations conveniently located in office buildings in the Century City area, as well as stand-alone automotive repair shops in the West LA, Culver City and downtown Los Angeles area.

The recommended replacement mileage for brake pads is approximately ever 30,000 for front brakes and every 60,000 for rear brakes. Replacement needs can be affected by style of driving – which is why we recommend you become familiar with your braking system and know how to detect any changes to its functionality. Warning signs that your vehicle needs repair include:

  • The appearance of the brake light on your dashboard.
  • Low or dirty brake fluid.
  • Grinding and squealing noises when the brake pedal is depressed.
  • Choppiness, vibration or softness when the brake pedal is depressed.
  • Uneven pull to one side of the other when braking.

These are the most common signs that suggest potential brake system problems. Most times, brake system problems will only escalate if disregarded so don’t waste time in coming to see us. If you notice any of these signs or symptoms, please don’t delay. Call or stop by Fixcarnow and let our ASE-certified mechanics take a look at your braking system. In the stop-and-go traffic that is a big part of Los Angeles driving, you need your brakes to be in top shape to avoid accidents.

Brake RepairBrake service, inspection and repair at FixCarNow can include a visual inspection of all hydraulic components, front or rear disc replacement, installation of semi-metallic pads, rotor inspection, rotor resurfacing if necessary, inspection of wheel bearings, cleaning and adjustment of rear drum brakes if applicable, inspection of master cylinder, hoses and lines, inspection and adjustment of manual parking brake, and the filling of brake fluid.

Whatever your Lexus brake system needs, FixCarNow in Century City can perform the service to help ensure its proper working condition. Trust us for your vehicle’s brake service maintenance and repairs.

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