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Fix Car Now EvaluationHaving perfectly functioning heating and air conditioning in your car is definitely one of life’s great conveniences. When it’s not working as it should, come visit the professionals at Fixcarnow in West Los Angeles and let one of our technicians inspect your car. We specialize in heating and cooling repair and service and are more than familiar with the individuals needs of all makes and models of cars and trucks.

Your car’s air conditioning system works via the collaboration of the compressor, condenser, expansion valve and evaporator. Refrigerant/Freon is compressed in the compressor and made into a hot gas. From there it passes into the condenser where it is cooled to a liquid state and moved to the expansion valve where it is turned to a low-pressure gas. From there it cools in the evaporator and is blown by fan through the vents to cool the car.

The heating system is like a smaller version of the cooling system’s radiator. Hot engine coolant circulates through a small radiator, or heater core. A fan blows cold air over the heater core where it is warmed and then blown out the heater vents. The heater core can become clogged with corrosion, rust or sludge. If it leaks the car’s interior will fill with white steam making driving hazardous. If you notice a sweet smell, this is a good indicator that the heater core has a small leak.

Symptoms of a system that needs to be inspected include cooling and heating air that isn’t functioning as it should, knocking sounds, intermittent heating or cooling, a bad odor or a sweet smell. Since the heating/cooling systems are complex, there are a lot of elements to be checked for proper functioning in determining what is the cause of the specific issue. In general, the air conditioning system will need to be recharged from time to time for maximum performance. If the coolant level has dropped it could mean your car has a leak, and the ASE certified professionals at Fixcarnow in West Los Angeles are experts at finding leaks. This is a difficult job to do without specific test equipment. If your air conditioning or heating performance is suffering, bring your vehicle to our shop and let us perform a thorough inspection.

Los AngelesFixcarnow has a superb twenty year reputation in the greater Los Angeles area. Customers continue to use us year after year and car after car for their maintenance and repairs due to our outstanding customer service. We offer convenience, affordability and ASE-certified technicians. Give us a call today and let us help you with any cooling and heating maintenance and repair you need for your vehicle.

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