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Residents and employees in the Century City area have been fortunate to be able to work with Fixcarnow for their automotive repair and maintenance needs for more than twenty years. A trusted relationship with a good automotive repair shop is one of the most important professional relationships one can have. Our trustworthiness and customer service are two of the reasons our customers return again and again to see us. We’ve been called ‘the ultimate experience in customer service’ for our convenient concierge services. Know you need auto repair or maintenance but just too busy to visit us? Give us a call and we will pick up your car, perform a thorough inspection, call and alert you to any repairs we recommend, complete any repairs you to which you agree, and return your car to your home or office once the inspection and repairs are complete. Could it be any easier? We also offer loaner cars and shuttle services to assist you with alternate transportation.

Another service our customers appreciate is our free brake checks. Keeping your brakes in good repair is one of the most important things you can do for your safety and that of others. Ideally, front brake pads should be changed at 30,000 miles and rear brake pads at 60,000 miles if you are a moderate driver. If your braking style is more aggressive, you should have your pads changed more frequently to avoid expensive yet avoidable repairs down the road.

It’s important that you become familiar with the sound and feel of your braking system so you know when something is amiss. If you are keeping with the recommended brake pad change schedule and notice any unusual issues with your braking system, please call or stop by Fixcarnow for an immediate inspection – no appointment is ever necessary.

Fix Car Now TrioSigns that you are in need of an immediate brake inspection and possible repair include reduced responsiveness or fading; grinding, growling, squeaking or squealing sounds; vibration or weakness of the brake pedal; and pulling to one side when stopping. These signs can indicate a problem as simple as low brake fluid which we can quickly add and send you on your way after making sure the low fluid is not a result of a leak. Pulling can indicate that brake pads are wearing unevenly or that foreign matter is in the brake fluid – repaired with a brake adjustment or the draining and replacement of the brake fluid. Grinding and roaring can be a result of the brake pads being worn through and the disc and calipers rubbing together. If not addressed quickly, the rotors can become damaged – a more expensive repair. While some rotors can be turned, high end imports have rotors that cannot be turned and must be replaced entirely.

Regularly visiting Fixcarnow to have your brake pads changed is the best way to avoid expensive repairs while keeping your car in good condition. Drop by and see us today and find out why many of your friends and neighbors see Fixcarnow for their automotive repair needs.

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