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Safety First! How many times have you said this phrase, or heard it said? As Los Angeles Brake Repair experts we hear different versions of “safety first” all the time. “How far do you think I can make it until I am into the rotors?” – The very watered down version of “safety first.” “My brake pedal seems to be going further down than normal can you fix that for me?” The proactive “safety first” approach to getting out in front of a potential problem!

As brake repair in Los Angeles experts for the past two decades, we have seen it all. Nothing surprises us anymore, but we will be sure to tell you if your LA brake repair does J Brake repair in Los Angeles is no easy task, since 24/7 it seems like your foot is on the brakes in LA. In today’s world the decision on when to replace brakes is not always need driven. We are finding too often that it has become financially driven, at times to the expense of safety. We have also had clients come to us to have their brakes replaced because of a recommendation received elsewhere, only to find it wasn’t necessary.

Brake Repair Comparison Chart

  FIXCARNOW Dealer Independent shops and franchises
Price Variable Variable Variable
Warranty 2 year 1 year 6 months to lifetime – Note: Lifetime is on parts only
OE and OEM Part Options YES NO Sometimes
FREE Loaner Cars YES NO NO
ASE Certified Mechanics YES YES Maybe
OPEN 7 Days YES NO Some
Machine Rotors / Drums Included Included Extra
 Have work done at your workplace YES NO NO

No wonder we fight an uphill battle every day to re-establish the trust long lost by other shops out there just trying to make a quick buck. Let us take the guess work out of getting Brakes in Los Angeles. Come see for yourself! Come look firsthand at the pads on your vehicle when we remove them. Watch us measure the rotors on your vehicle to see if they can be machined / turned! Take an interest in your vehicle to any degree you like with us! You will quickly learn that we never recommend anything your car does not need, brakes or otherwise. We have known since the beginning, over 20 years ago, that the only way to last in the auto repair business is to establish a relationship with you built on trust.

We work hard for your trust and even harder to keep it because servicing a car once for as much money as possible, pales in comparison to serving your vehicle for life at a fair price! It is a simple model that Chance and Jimmy have never veered from. You may need a brake repair in Los Angeles, or a brake Repair in Los Angeles, either way you will want to find the FIXCARNOW nearest you. The doors are open 7 days a week and the phones are always on, and if we can’t get your brakes repaired today, we will send you home in a loaner car (Yes Free!) so you are safely back on the road again tomorrow! If you let us, we will make sure that “Safety First” and brake repair in Los Angeles go hand in hand! We give you our “Los Angeles Brake Repair” Guarantee!

In downtown Los Angeles there is no BMW dealer to charge $1600 to have your front and rear brakes repaired. BMW Brake REPAIR in Los Angeles is left to the little guy, which only works out better for you. We don’t like to think of ourselves as the little guy, but if it allow us to charge the little price (About $1000), then we are okay with it if you are. A BMW Brake Repair Los Angeles at FIXCARNOW has you out the door, with the exact same parts, for definitely not the exact same price.

Used to be the only place you could get a Mercedes Brake Repair in Los Angeles was at downtown LA Motors. You still can of course, for what will be forty to sixty percent more than you can have it done at FIXCARNOW. We are located right in the heart of downtown as well. Mercedes Brake Repair Los Angeles can happen right in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, without going to the dealer. We have the exact same parts, all the diagnostics, and warranty everything we do, but if you want to pay a lot more for it… Your dollars… Your Choice!

Brake Repair

There is no denying that sound. We’ve all heard it. Whether it’s a squeak, squeal, grind or roar – your brakes are telling you it’s time to get serviced.  Luckily, Fixcarnow has been in operation in the Los Angeles area for over twenty years and has a location near your home or office.  Since our brake checks are always free, call us or pull in and let one of our ASE-certified technicians take a look at your brake system.  We will quickly be able to tell you if you need brake fluid, brake pads or rotor repair or adjustment.  One of the most importance maintenance tasks you can have performed for your car is to regularly have your brake pads changed.  The recommended time frame for changing brake pads is every 30,000 miles for the front pair, and every 60,000 miles for the rear pair.  Excessive or intense braking will require that you have them changed even more frequently.

It is extremely important that when you hear noises or experience something unusual from your steering or brake pedal you do not delay in getting your brakes inspected.  Noise is the key indicator that you have brake problems. If your brakes squeal when you touch the pedal, they either need adjusting or the pads need to be replaced. Keep up with your maintenance in order to avoid this problem. Keep in mind that brakes can squeal briefly when wet but if the noise persists, you should have your brakes checked. If your brakes are at the point where you hear a grinding noise – your problem is likely serious. It likely means that the brake pads have run through to the metal and it is now rubbing against the brake rotor. Brake pads will need to be replaced and possibly the rotors: an expensive job. In some domestic cars, the rotors can possibly be saved if they are not too damaged.  However, if you own a foreign car the rotors usually need to be replaced if they are damaged.

Once the brake warning light on the dashboard lights up, you will definitely have brake problems. This can mean low brake fluid but it’s wise to have it checked to make sure you do not have a leak in the brake line.  Pulling to one side when you hit the brakes or shaking or shuddering when you brake hard is another indication that there’s excessive wear on the brakes and you will need to replace them. If the brake pedal feels squishy, it indicates that air has entered your brake system. This is a dangerous condition and can cause an accident. A soft pedal also can indicate low brake fluid. The danger is that a soft pedal can quickly move to having no brakes at all.

Fixcarnow is well known in the greater Los Angeles area as well as the surrounding cities for all the wonderful conveniences we offer including free shuttle service, free loaner cars, free brake checks, same day service and two year warranties. If you live in the Los Angeles area, we are the auto repair shop you need to contact for oil changes, maintenance and all other repairs. You’ll see why our customers love and trust our prices, reputation, and top-quality service.

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