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After more than 25 years in the automotive repair business, the owners of Fixcarnow took the concerns of our customers to heart. We’ve long been hearing how much our customers trust us for automotive repair and how they wished they could find a dependable body shop for their auto body repair needs. This year we’ve been very excited to open our first auto body repair shop in west Los Angeles and provide the same level of professionalism, dependability and affordability for which we are known in the greater Los Angeles area.

Unfortunately, auto body repair is an inevitable part of auto ownership. Door dings in parking lots can create a lot of annoyance for new car owners. Sometimes it seems that it doesn’t matter how far away you park in an isolated parking lot, someone will park right next to you and ding your new car door. Door dings are a very simple repair at Fixcarnow which sometimes require only a suction dent puller and possibly small touch up paint repair. Suction dent pullers can address dings up to six inches in diameter. This is a great way for us to provide our customers fast and economical repair.

Small dent repair businesses are becoming quite popular. Many customers compare the prices offered by these pop ups shops with visiting a professional body repair shop. The rule of thumb is that when obtaining a car dent estimate for repair, you could safely use the 1-inch guideline of around $25 per inch, over and above the base price. Special tools are needed for dent repair, and the tools are expensive buy. If you hire an expert in auto body repair you are paying for the expertise the professional will demonstrate when they complete a repair on your vehicle. They will have paid a great deal of money to train in the art of dent repair, and their prices reflect their skills. When having a specialist repair a car dent, cost is a negligible factor compared to the performance of the artist, just as with any other skill.

Body RepairOf course major auto body repairs are sometimes necessary as well. Living and working in an area as crowded and busy as Los Angeles might make an auto accident almost unavoidable at some point. Whether you have a rear ender, a fender bender or any one of a million ways to collide, we invite you to come see us for your auto body repairs. Just as our customers trust us with all the intricacies of vehicle engines, suspension, drive train, heating, cooling, etc. now they can trust us with repairing the outside as well.

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