BMW Oil Change

  • FixCarNow uses O.E. Quality parts for your BMW’s Oil Change Service
  • FixCarNow is Open 7 Days.
  • FixCarNow has the latest Equipment to Diagnose your BMW.
  • 2 Year Warranty on Service.
  • No Appointment Necessary.
  • FixCarNow inspects your BMW Bumper to Bumper and provides a written estimate for any services that might be needed.
  • Free Shuttle to/from home or work.

A common question among BMW owners is how often the oil should be changed in the car’s engine. BMW owners purchase their cars for smooth handling and performance and need to do what it takes to keep the engine performing as it is designed to do. The technicians at FixCarNow West Los Angeles will typically recommend that an oil change be performed every 3K to 5K miles. The most important part of getting an oil change at FixCarNow is not necessarily the oil change itself, but that the visit includes the opportunity for our technicians to perform a complete diagnostic inspection. Consider this inspection a quarterly or semi annually check up for your BMW. Our signature FixCarNow inspection by our ASE certified technicians always includes:

  • Replace Oil w/Castrol GTX
  • Check Brakes
  • Replace Oil Filter
  • Check & Fill Coolant
  • Lube Chassis
  • Check Belts
  • Check Air Filter
  • Check Hoses
  • Check & Fill Brake Fluid
  • Check & Fill Battery Fluid
  • Check & Fill Power Steering Fluid
  • Check & Fill Tire Pressure
  • Check & Fill Window Washer Fluid
  • Check & Fill Transmission Fluid
  • Check Wiper Blades
  • Check Suspension

BMW oil changes range from $79-$129. What type of oil should a BMW owner request? An easy to remember and simple explanation is that motor oil is linked to weight and used for climate. A 10W-40 oil is ten weight oil that acts like forty weight oil. A 20w-50 is a twenty weight oil that acts like fifty weight oil. Heavier weighted oil is thicker and therefore better protects the engine against higher heat. Lighter weighted oil is recommended for cooler temperatures because it flows easier. The BMW owner may also choose synthetic oil which can reduce engine wear and improve fuel economy. However it is usually not recommended to add synthetic oil to older BMWs. Our technicians will be happy to thoroughly explain the various options and make appropriate recommendations.

If you want an oil change in West LA that is convenient and timely, bring your BMW to see us. The technicians at our several locations are known for providing an unexpectedly pleasant experience, complete with thorough explanations and comparisons. Today’s savvy shoppers understand the choices one has when searching for an oil change in West Los Angeles. Google us, Yelp us, Bing us or call us. BBB us, BAR us,  ASE us or just stop by and see us. However you find FixCarNow, we promise to be worth the time and effort it took to do so.

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