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Oil ChangeAt Fixcarnow in downtown Los Angeles we know just how confusing it’s become to know how often you should have the engine oil changed on your BMW. After all, you didn’t purchase such a fine automobile only to let the engine wear for not changing the oil frequently enough. Come in today and save as our BMW oil changes only cost $79-$129.

For many years it’s been recommended that automobile owners have their engine oil changed every 3,000 miles. This has long been the standard. Although various automobile manufacturers have changed their recommendations, we still recommend that BMW owners have their engine’s oil changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. While this is more frequent than the 7,500 to 10,000 that BMW is currently recommending, we maintain it’s best to keep engine oil clean and as free as possible from debris, metals and particulates which are the primary causes (and oh so preventable!) for engine wear and tear. You can change your oil too infrequently, but you can’t change it too frequently!

At Fixcarnow every oil change includes Castrol GTX oil, a new filter and a 30 point safety inspection of brakes, belts, hoses, chassis, suspension, air filter, wiper blades and fluids. Our ASE-certified technician will alert you to any issues or concerns that are notable, and will refill all fluids including brake, transmission, battery, transmission, coolant, power steering, and window washer fluid, as well as check the condition of wiper blades and fill tires to the correct pressure. It’s the perfect check-up for your BMW!

One question BMW owners often have is whether to use synthetic or crude oil. We maintain that this decision is largely a personal choice.

BMWSynthetic oil is recommended because it is said to reduce engine wear, reduce friction and can help improve fuel economy. At Fixcarnow we use Castrol Synthetic motor oil for our customers who prefer synthetic oil. Crude oil now has additives that render it comparable to synthetic oil. The specific oil choice should be dictated by the locale and climate where you live. Our FixCarNow Downtown LA technicians are happy to speak with you specifically, answer any questions you may have, and make the appropriate recommendations for oil type.

Don’t be overwhelmed – that’s why we’re conveniently located in downtown Los Angeles and are available to discuss the pros and cons of using different types and grades of oil. Our technicians are familiar with BMW needs and are happy to share knowledge. Come see us and find out why we’ve been successfully meeting the needs of BMW owners for more than twenty years and are still going strong!

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