BMW Oil Change

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Oil ChangeFixCarNow offers the best value on BMW oil changes. Our special price is $79-$129. As a BMW owner, you already know one of the most important aspects of maintaining your automobile is to have the oil changed regularly. Frequent and regular oil changes maintain and prolong the life of your BMW’s engine. Conflicting advice about how often to change your oil is available, ranging from allowing intervals from 3000 miles to 15,000 miles. While BMW recommends longer intervals, the ASE certified technicians at FixCarNow Culver City maintain that you keep the changes under the 5000 mile limit. Additionally, bringing your BMW to our FixCarNow Culver City location allows our mechanics to perform our 16 point safety check which includes topping and fluid fill, check of suspension, chassis, condition of belts, hoses and filters and more.

BMWNo doubt you’ve heard the term ‘oil change’ and probably know the process involves draining engine oil, replacing engine oil and replacing the oil filter. BMWs have different needs including number of quarts of oil different models require. The The E30 cars require between 3.5 – 4.2 quarts, and the E36 cars require 5 quarts for the four-cylinder cars, and 6.0-6.5 for the six cylinder cars.

The process for changing BMW oil includes:

  1. The car should be warmed up so that engine oil is operating temperature. Warmer oil moves easier, allowing the dirt, debris and particulates to flush.
  2. Remove plug at the bottom of the engine sump.
  3. Allow oil to drain into a large capacity oil pan.
  4. Remove oil filter. Different models have different types of filters and housings.
  5. Clean plug to remove debris.
  6. Replace plug with new metal gasket.
  7. Install new oil filter and screw on finger-tight.
  8. Some BMWs will need the inside of the oil filter housing to be cleaned before the new filter is installed.
  9. Refill BMW with new motor oil. The discussion about which type of oil to use is long and heavily debated. In the past oil type decisions were based upon temperature, with heavier oils protecting better against heat and lighter oil being more ideal for cold. Now BMW owners face the decision of whether to use regular or synthetic oil. With the additives in today’s regular oil, there isn’t a huge discernable difference between regular and synthetic oil. Studies do not show a measurable engine performance difference between the two. We recommend older BMWs use regular oil. If you are a new BMW owner, the choice is entirely up to you.
  10. Fill oil tank from the top in the valve cover. Four quarts should initially be added and then the dipstick should be checked. Add one half quart and recheck the dipstick until the top is reached.
  11. Replace oil filler cap.
  12. Start engine with hood open, and check that there are no leaks or drips underneath the car.
  13. Drive car to warm up the temperature, then recheck the dipstick. Oil level should have settled down a bit.

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