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Brake RepairFixCarNow Downtown Los Angeles recommends replacing BMW front brakes every 30K miles and rear brakes every 60K miles. A BMW brake repair may include replacement of brake pads, brake rotors and the sensor, depending upon your individual driving style and condition of brake system wear and tear. Our ASE certified mechanics recommend an annual brake fluid flush and inspection of the parking brake at this time. Since a brake inspection is part of FixCarNow’s examination during oil changes, we urge you to take advantage of this inspection as often as possible.

You’ve probably noticed a lot of brake dust around your brakes and rims. While it may look a little messy, this is actually a good thing to see because it means your brakes are doing what they should – braking. The process of braking is going to cause dusting. This dust is caused by brake rotor material. While some BMW pads claim to reduce dust, it is important to be sure these pads are compatible with the ECE R90 brake safety regulation, which does not endorse cheap, untested and ineffective brake products.

In September of 1999, The ECE R90 was passed to mandate that brake pads must be tested to comply with R90 standards. Brakes were tested for front and rear performance and original brake parts were then compared to aftermarket parts. Through cold and hot brake friction analysis, thorough testing passed brake parts only if the after market parts were found to perform better or equal than the original parts. Brake pads are notated with an R90 code and country number that signifies where testing has been performed. E1 brake pads were tested in Germany and E11 were tested in the UK.

How does this affect United States BMW owners? If you are driving a BMW equipped with pads that are not equal or better than original brake pads, braking can become imbalanced and unsafe. European vehicles are designed to accommodate larger pad height from top to bottom. Contrasted with this design is the American or Asian cars which have a smaller pad height. Equipping a European designed BMW with low level American or Asian pads is not ideal, and could result in unnecessary damage to the BMW braking system.

BMWIf you’re a do-it-yourselfer, checking and filling brake fluid can be done in between inspections or you have have it done for free at our downtown LA FixCarNow. Brake fluid should be examined monthly. If it is necessary to add fluid, check and add the brand recommended by BMW. Do not add any fluid other than brake fluid. Remember, never to add fluid that has already been opened and be sure to purchase a new container each time. Brake fluid attracts moisture and can be easily contaminated once the lid has been lifted.

Checking and filling of fluids at no charge between oil changes is a special service offered by FixCarNow. Drop by anytime and ask one of our mechanics to take a look at your brake fluid.

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