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Fix Car Now OfficeThe ASE certified technicians at FixCarNow’s Culver City location are familiar with the specific needs relating to BMW brake repair. We service the entire Los Angeles area and are well known for the convenience of our auto repair service available at our shops. When your BMW requires brake repair, you may require transportation, use of our shuttle, and the use of a loaner car and we provide you with all. Check out Yelp to see what our customers say about our service, convenient location of shops, two year repair warranties, and competitive pricing for BMW auto repairs.

The standard rule of thumb is that front brake pads should be replaced at 30K miles and rear pads replaced at 60K miles. Maintaining the health of the brake pads could ensure that no expensive damage to the rotors, drums and calipers occurs.

One very common issue reported by BMW owners is a noticeable ‘shimmy’ on the front end when braking. Why is this occurring? Unlike domestic cars which are designed to be heavy on the front end, the BMW is nimble and light – rendering it more susceptible to vibration. Another point is that when asbestos became illegal, brake pads went from being designed to accommodate a high amount of heat to a semi-metallic version that is not as accommodating. Warped rotors can be one result of not regularly changing out the brake pads.

We cannot stress enough the important of regular brake pad changes on your BMW. This routine service will maintain the health of your braking system. Our ASE certified technicians know to check the suspension when replacing pads and examining rotors. All systems much be balanced, or inevitable warping will occur.

A common solution back in the day to deal with warped rotors was to turn them. It’s not advisable to turn rotors, particularly in European makes and models. These vehicles are designed to be lighter and faster and this design requires less weight. Rotors are thinner and more susceptible to damage, rendering it that much more important to keep up with your scheduled brake pad changes.

Another maintenance need for your BMW is to have the brake system flushed. This should ideally performed annually to keep all parts running smoothly.

Brake RepairWhat if I see dust? Dust is one of those signs that your braking system is doing what is is supposed to do – working! Although brake shields can be purchased, they are generally not advised. Absent an issue of some kind, our Culver City FixCarNow mechanics recommend a good wheel cleaner, such as P21S. Never use a wheel cleaner that’s corrosive.

Whether your work or live in the Culver City area, stop by and chat with us regarding your BMW brake repair needs. Our technicians are happy to answer any questions you have. Be sure to check out our Yelp reviews – your neighbors love us!

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