BMW Brake Repair

  • FixCarNow uses O.E. Quality Brake Parts for your BMW
  • Over 950 5 star Reviews
  • 2 Year Warranty on Service
  • FixCarNow has the latest Equipment to diagnose your BMW
  • FixCarNow provides a 2 Year Warranty
  • FixCarNow will provide a free loaner while we service your car
  • Free Shuttle to/from home or work
  • Fixcarnow Carcierge Key Pick-Up Service

BMWIf you are fortunate enough to live or work in the Century City area and you’re looking for the best auto repair shop for BMW brake repair, get in touch with FixCarNow. FixCarNow has several standing locations to serve the Century City area, as well as numerous mobile locations located in Century City office buildings. We’ve been a fixture in the Century City area for over two decades and enjoy an impeccable reputation. Go ahead and check out our hundreds of reviews on Yelp. Your friends and neighbors love us!

Our West Los Angeles location is located at 3405 Motor Avenue between National Blvd. and Palms Blvd. and can be reached at (310) 558-9097. Our Culver City location is located at 11153 Washington Place near Sepulveda Blvd. and Bentley Avenue, and can be reached at (310) 204-4480.

Regardless of which convenient FixCarNow location you choose to visit for brake inspection, one thing will be the same – convenience and top-notch service. Our brake diagnostics are always free, and our ASE certified technicians are experts at servicing BMWs. It’s important you address any brake issues immediately as a BMW owner. If you were experiencing squeaking, roaring, grinding, pulling or diminished braking ability, don’t delay in having your BMW brakes checked at one of our locations. Since there is never a cost to check your brake system, you lose nothing but stand to gain a whole lot in the prevention of what may be preventable costly repairs.

Brake RepairForeign automobiles such as the BMW are designed for speed. While domestic cars have heavier rotors that can often be turned or sanded if the grooves aren’t too deep, BMWs have thinner, lighter rotors that must be replaced when grooved. Become familiar with the sound of your BMW braking system and know when it sounds or feels ‘off.’ As soon as you notice any of the changes mentioned above, email, call or stop by one of our locations and let our mechanics take a look at your braking system.

Ideally, front brake pads should be replaced around 30,000 miles and rear brake pads should be replaced around 60,000 miles. We urge you to always maintain this crucial part of your braking system without fail. If you notice any changes in sound or performance, drop by and see us and let us perform a free brake check on your BMW.

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