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BMWThe technicians at FixCarNow Downtown Los Angeles understand that not all cars are created equally. There are variations in recommendations and requirements that change from foreign to domestic and from maker to maker. BMW owners understand how important it is to develop a professional relationship with an auto repair shop that specifically understands BMW mechanics and systems.

Oil changes might seem like a standard auto repair operation that would be the same from car to car, and from a technical standpoint this is true. However, while BMW is now suggesting going longer and longer distances between changes, our technicians recommend not going beyond 5K between changes. Why? Because dirt and particulates accumulate in oil with time and cause unnecessary engine wear. If you don’t drive your car very often, we recommend changing the oil once per calendar year. If you will be storing your BMW, be sure to have the oil changed before the period of inactivity. When you bring your car to FixCarNow for an oil change, our mechanics will perform a 16 point safety inspection that includes checking brakes, belts, filters, wiper blades and suspension. Additionally, all fluids are checked and filled, and the chassis is lubed. This inspection provides the perfect opportunity for any potential BMW specific auto repair issues to be caught.

BMW brakes should be inspected every 10K miles. Most people wait until the brake warning lamp appears, but our mechanics recommend a basic inspection at each oil change or at 10K miles. If the lamp is on, pads should be replaced in front and rear pairs and the discs should be inspected. If the pads are not replaced in time, the metal backing of the pads can come in contact with the brake disc metal, resulting in poor braking performance and unnecessary wear and tear on the discs. BMW has certain specification for disc thickness, and resurfacing is not a good idea once the discs are grooved. Replacing discs is an added and unnecessary cost that can be avoided by timely pad replacement.

Intermittent transmission problems? Your transmission may just be low on fluid! For example, while the BMW E6 is designed to have ‘lifetime’ transmission fluid, we recommend replacing it every three years or 30K miles just to be safe. This particular replacement is probably not included on your list of to-dos for BMW maintenance. However, if the front of the car strikes a parking block just so, it can cause a tiny leak in the transmission line behind the radiator. The slow and steady leak of ‘lifetime’ transmission fluid could very well go undetected, but could easily result in transmission replacement – a costly but unnecessary repair.

Whether you live or work in the downtown LA area, we invite you to stop in and meet our mechanics. Feel free to ask any specific BMW questions you may have. You’ll be glad you did!

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