BMW Auto Repair

  • FixCarNow uses O.E. Quality Brake Parts for your BMW.
  • 2 Year Warranty on Service.
  • FixCarNow has the latest Equipment to diagnose your BMW.
  • 25 Years in Business!!
  • FixCarNow will provide a free loaner while we service your car.
  • FixCarNow is Open 7 Days a Week.
  • Free Shuttle to/from home or work.

Body RepairEmergencies happen, and if they were planned they wouldn’t be referred to as emergencies. Take auto repair for example – emergency auto repair implies that it wasn’t planned and is needed immediately. Had a blowout and need tire repair? Engine stalled and won’t start? Seeing smoke? Engine dash indicating overheating? Rising oil temperature? Loud and scary noises coming from your car? Car won’t start? Brakes go out suddenly? Flat tire?

Have you had an accident and need a repair and body shop where you can have you vehicle towed? We are now offering collision, paint, and auto body repair – three new services that now make FixCarNow the one stop shop for any and all automotive needs!

In the car culture that is part and parcel of Los Angeles, a time may very well come when you experience an automotive emergency and need a reputable auto repair shop that is open on Sunday in downtown Los Angeles. If you are experiencing an emergency, call our 24 hour hotline at (213) 284-8389 and speak to one of our shop owners. FixCarNow is open seven days a week, including Sundays. Unlike other types of businesses and shops, we do not charge an extra convenience fee for working on Sundays. Our prices are the same on Sunday as every other day of the week – competitive!

FixCarNow has several locations in the greater Los Angeles area to meet your automotive emergencies and other maintenance and repair needs. Our 333 S. Hope shop is located in downtown Los Angeles and serves the entire downtown LA area, including Koreatown, Wilshire Center, Oakwood and surrounding cities. The shop at 3405 Motor Avenue in West Los Angeles serves the entire area including Santa Monica, Venice, Marina del Rey, Westchester and Culver City. The Culver City FixCarNow location is located at 11153 Washington Blvd., and serves all surrounding cities and areas.

Car DoctorFixCarNow is known for the convenience of our auto repair service. Your emergency may require transportation, use of our shuttle, and the use of a loaner car and we are happy to provide you with all. Our service, convenient location of shops, two year repair warranties, competitive pricing and the face that we are open on Sunday make it an easy decision to choose FixCarNow for any and all auto repairs – emergency or not.

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