Audi Oil Change

  • FixCarNow uses O.E. Quality parts for your Audi Oil Change Service.
  • FixCarNow has the latest Equipment to Diagnose your Audi.
  • We Have Over 950 5 star Reviews.
  • 25 Years in business.
  • FixCarNow provides a 2 Year warranty on service.
  • Fixcarnow Carcierge Key Pick-Up Service.
  • FixCarNow provides a Bumper to Bumper inspection and sends you a written estimate for any Services that might be needed.

Oil ChangeFixCarNow has been successfully operating in the greater Los Angeles area for several decades. Our name is well known in the automotive repair industry and among residents of Los Angeles, West LA, Century City, Culver City, the beaches and the downtown area. We’re known for the convenience of our services including pick up, repair and drop off of your Audi or other vehicles, two year warranty, same day service, shuttle and loaner car availability. Check out our reviews on Yelp and see what your coworkers and neighbors think about our service!

Audi owners in the Century City or surrounding area seeking repair and maintenance service know to call FixCarNow for all auto repair needs. If you’re an Audi owner and seeking an oil change, look no further. FixCarNow provides oil changes and 16 point safety checks. This service includes:

  • Replace Oil w/Castrol GTX
  • Check Brakes
  • Replace Oil Filter
  • Lube Chassis
  • Check Belts
  • Check Air Filter
  • Check Hoses
  • Check & Fill Coolant
  • Check & Fill Brake Fluid
  • Check & Fill Battery Fluid
  • Check & Fill Power Steering Fluid
  • Check & Fill Tire Pressure
  • Check & Fill Window Washer Fluid
  • Check & Fill Transmission Fluid
  • Check Wiper Blades
  • Check Suspension

We can’t stress the importance of regular oil changes enough, and not just for the fact that maintaining regularly cleaned oil prevents engine wear. Oil picks up particulates such as dirt and other debris that are then circulated throughout the engine. As oil ages, it becomes thicker and doesn’t lubricate as well as it should to protect the different working systems in your Audi engine. This causes other systems to wear and break down, resulting in unnecessary expense.

Confused about which type of oil to use for your Audi? Talk to one of our FixcarNow Century City ASE certified technicians and let us help explain the difference between the regular oils and synthetic oils. It appears studies have shown there to be little difference between the two oils as far as performance goes, so the choice lies with the Audi owner.

Oil ChangeChecking and filling fluids on a regular basis is one way to maintain the different systems of your Audi. A regular check of belts and hoses for cracks or leaks is one way to catch potential issues before you’re stranded in an emergency situation. Maintaining even tire pressure prevents unnecessary tire wear and tear, and can extend the life of your tires. As a high performance vehicle, Audi tires and costly to replace.

Did you know wiper blades should be replaced at least once per year? Maintaining the health of these blades comes in handy when they’re needed in inclement weather, yet most drivers probably don’t think about wiper blades until they’re needed the most.

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