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Brake RepairFixCarNow has several locations in the Century City area available to serve Audi owners looking for the best in brake repair. If it’s been 30,000 miles since you’ve had your front brake pads changed, or 60,000 for your rear brakes – come see us for a free no-obligation brake check.

A brake check includes:

  1. Inspection of rotors for grooves and scoring, discoloration or any other obvious defects.
  2. Check of brake pads for cracking, breakage or wear.
  3. Examination of sensors.
  4. Check drums for scoring, discoloration, wear or other defects.
  5. Check brake shoes for wearing or rivets.
  6. Thorough inspection of calipers, wheel cylinders, hoses and fittings for sign of wear or brake fluid leakage.
  7. Inspection of master cylinder, reservoir and proportioning.

Is your Audi experiencing any of the following?

  1. Spongy or squishy brake pedal? This could be caused by calipers, pads, low fluid or an issue with the hydraulic system.
  2. Unable to ‘pump up’ your brakes? This is a sign of a hydraulic issue – and could possibly mean you just need hydraulic fluid.
  3. Slight scratching sound? This is normal.
  4. Squeaking that’s out of the ordinary? Usually caused by dust, dirt or particles on the brakes, but could be a sign of worn out pads.
  5. Rhythmic noise not steady but pulsating? Can be a sign of a warped rotor. Bring your Audi to FixCarNow in Century City immediately if you hear or feel rhythmic pulsations.
  6. Any type of constant break noise? Call us immediately for a free brake inspection.

Delaying brake repair not only endangers you and other drivers, but will increase your repair expense exponentially. Worn and warped rotors are expensive to replace, and this expense can be avoided by regular care and replacement of brake pads, and flush and fill of hydraulic fluid.

Brake RepairFixCarNow has been operating in the greater Los Angeles area for several decades. Our name is well known in the industry and among residents of Los Angeles, West LA, Century City, Culver City, the beaches and the downtown area. We’re known for the convenience of our services including pick up, repair and drop off of your Audi or other vehicles, two year warranty, same day service, shuttle and loaner car availability. Check out our reviews on Yelp and see what your coworkers and neighbors think about our service!

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