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AudiWhile your Audi automobile is undoubtedly a source of pride, when you need inevitable repairs or maintenance in the downtown Los Angeles area, we recommend you contact FixCarNow. We are located at 333 S. Hope Street, and for your convenience offer concierge service, free loaner cars and two year warranties.

Our ASE certified mechanics remain current on the well and little known issues and specific needs of the Audi. At the present time there are several common issues we would like to share with you, as well as offer solutions you can find at FixCarNow.

The diverter valve in the Audi is prone to failure. Symptoms of this issue include the car losing a large amount of ‘boost.’ This can be diagnosed with a boost gauge or a vag-com, or by seeing evidence of rips in the diverter valve’s diaphragm. Please visit us for diverter valve replacements or an upgrade to the Forge diverter valve.

Intake ducting can break off from the Audi’s engine, getting stuck in and shredded by the fan. Easy solutions include taping or epoxying the ducting, or removing the top piece. Ask our mechanics to check your engine for this known issue, because if the ducting damages the fan, the fan will need to be replaced – an unnecessary cost.

Cylinders can cause misfires when the Audi engine is idling or boosting. A quick check can determine if your cylinders needs replacing. Otherwise the misfiring may be the result of a bad fuel injector.
Audis are also prone to high pressure fuel pump failures. Symptoms include driving at a low to mid range RPM and noticing a fuel lag or cut-out. Please see your dealer for replacement of a stockpump as should be covered under warranty.

Downtown LADecrease in boost failure may signify a positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) failure. While PCVs allow gases to move from the crankcase to the intake manifold, PCV failure reverses this process. Our mechanics can quickly check your PCV and make sure this common issue is not occurring in your Audi’s engine.

FixCarNow services the entire downtown Los Angeles area including Oakwood, Echo Park, Wilshire Center and Koreatown. If your Audi is due for service or you are noticing any of the above common symptoms, call, email or stop by our shop and let us assist you with your repair and maintenance needs. Be sure to ask about our concierge and loaner car services so you don’t lose a moment of your day!

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