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AudiLiving and working in the West Los Angeles area likely means you’re lucky enough not to need air conditioning in your car very often if at all. But when you need it, you want it to work and work well. The technicians at Fixcarnow invite you to pay us a visit and let us inspect, repair and perform maintenance on this important part of your car’s system.

There are several ways your car’s air conditioning system can let you know you’re having a problem. The most obvious issue – the air is not running cool – generally has the easiest solution, which is to add refrigerant. The refrigerant may have leaked out and will prevent the compressor from turning on, as the low pressure safety switch will not allow the compressor clutch to engage if the system pressure is low. Therefore, the leak must be found and repaired before the air conditioning system is recharged. If coolant is low, the mechanics at Fixcarnow will inspect your air conditioning system and look for any leaks, inspect for blown fuses and wiring issues, inspect the condition of the magnetic clutch, check the compressor, and ensure that proper lubrication is present.

If your car is cooling intermittently, this may be because the warm air is freezing, forming ice and blocking the orifice tube. This problem can be repaired by evacuating the system with a vacuum pump. Too much air in the system causes a drop in cooling performance and evaporator freeze. Other causes of intermittent cooling may include a faulty low pressure cutout switch, compressor clutch, clutch relay, a/c control switch, control module or head, or temperature sensor.

If your air conditioner is making a lot of noise, this is usually a sign that the compressor is failing. It could also be cross-contaminated refrigerant, too much air in the system or the wrong type of lubricant in the compressor. A simple issue could be hoses rattling against other engine parts which can easily be repaired by checking hoses and adjusting brackets.

Air conditioner odor should be addressed immediately as it could indicate bacteria is growing on the evaporator. This is very unhealthy for the driver and could cause health issues. This problem can be repaired by spraying chemicals on the blowers, ducts and air intake. Some cars are equipped with evaporators that have a special chemical coating that doesn’t provide a good breeding ground for mold and bacteria. If you do not have this type of car, then the chemical spray is necessary.

Fix Car Now DuoYour car may need the air conditioning system flushed to clean out sludge, contamination, debris, deteriorating old hoses which leave bits and flakes, and any residual lubricating oil from the system. This is often an economical solution to any air conditioning issues.

If you’re having trouble with your air conditioning system, stop by and see the specialists at Fixcarnow in West Los Angeles and let us take a look at your car. We’ll be sure to find the easiest and most economical adjustment or repair for you.

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