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Tune UpsYour car’s air conditioning system may be one of those automotive systems you don’t think about until Culver City experiences one of those rare days when you not only need it to work, but to run cold! If your AC isn’t running as cold as you’d like, stop by Fixcarnow and let our technicians take a look at your AC system.

Ideally, your air conditioning system should be serviced yearly. You should also run your AC for a few minutes once per week just to keep it lubricating and functioning. If you haven’t been keeping up with your maintenance, your system may be in need of repair. The first thing our Fixcarnow technicians will do is measure the amount of pressure in your air conditioning system. If it’s low, we will add refrigerant until we get a proper reading. This action may be all that is truly needed if your maintenance is up to date.

A complete air conditioning maintenance includes a check of the air vent temperature, condenser temperature, suction line temperature, system lines, valves and thermostats, and hoses and components. We will also adjust drive belts and pulleys, clean condenser fins, and evacuate and sanitize the air conditioning system. Additionally, we will replace the Schraeder valves and the receiver drier filter. We will then perform a leak detection test, add refrigerant oil and recharge the AC system with the proper refrigerant.

If your air conditioning system is in need of repair, you may have a problem with your compressor. The air conditioning compressor is usually driven by your vehicle’s serpentine belt, and as it spins, it pressurizes the system’s refrigerant. The change in pressure is what cools the air blowing in your car. An A/C compressor spins at a very fast rate, and the more you use your cool air, the more likely it is the compressor will fail or leak.

If you do need your compressor replaced, as a responsible shop we may recommend replacing a number of components at the same time. Why? Because working on an air conditioning system is labor intensive. It makes good business sense to replace certain combinations at once. To avoid draining your refrigerant, removing your compressor, installing a new unit and refilling the system with new fluid, only to have you come back in a week and say it’s still not cold enough will have us recommend replacing everything we can while we have the system taken apart.

AudiAnother item that may need replacing is the condenser. A condenser is a large heat exchanger that looks a little like a small radiator. It takes the brunt of the oncoming air and may get struck by a rock or some other flying material and become damaged.

Keeping up with your maintenance is the best way to save yourself time and trouble, and will help keep your air conditioning system in the best repair. The experts at Fixcarnow in Culver City are available to consult with you regarding maintenance of your air conditioning and all other systems. Stop by our shop today!

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